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Add this to your 9fs script:

case 9paste
	srv -n fs.9paste.net 9paste /n/9paste

You can create files anonymously in /n/9paste/none, and they will be available via http. /n/9paste/none/x, for example, will be accessible at http://www.9paste.net/none/x. Similarly, files created via the web form will be available via 9p. To download an entire directory from the web interface at once, append ?tar to the url. The contents of /n/9paste/none cannot be listed, so you can only access a file by first knowing its name.

Files in /n/9paste/none cannot be overwritten and so must be created with a unique name. Randomized names can be generated with the following program: randname.c. The following script, in concert with the above randname program and 9fs case, will write its input to a new file with optional suffix in /n/9paste/none, printing the created file's name: 9paste. For example:

; 9paste </lib/ndb/local

; 9paste .png </dev/screen

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